Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorisale day!

In honor of the Memorial Day trip up to Orlando that I ended up staying home from because of my grandfather's condition and my stupid job Mandy and I did a little shopping. Mainly because it's her aunt we were going to see so she had to go with or without me but also because who can say no to Memorial Day Weekend Sales? The following items were purchased Friday night in a surprisingly short amount of time.


I got this necklace from Old Navy for five bucks and change. I loved the ribbon flower detail. I wore it to work yesterday and got loads of compliments on it. Definitely a good buy. My only complaint is that my hair is so long that the flower gets lost in it and even when I pull my hair back the flower likes to flips around a lot. 

This is also from Old Navy and I got it for like $4.50. It's a simple brass chain with the sweetest little cream, yellow, and coral floral ribbon woven through it. I wore it on Saturday and pulled it around so the bow would show as well instead of the the chain part. This will definitely be getting packed for my June vacation. It feels like the embodiment of summer. 

My last item from Old Navy. It's a little bracelet that's half oddly shaped pearls and half braided together denim, striped ribbon, and brass chain. I haven't worn it yet but for the $2 it cost me I couldn't say no. It feels very sailor inspired but sweet at the same time and makes me want to be at the beach or sailing away into the sunset. 

Now onto my Forever 21 finds. Sadly there will be no clothes as this was a strictly accessory trip for me. Compared to my Old Navy finds this necklace seemed pricey at $6.50 but once I realized that, for a necklace, that was still dirt cheap I wouldn't put it down. This is awkward picture that makes the stone look off-center but in person it's right in the middle and looks so bright and exciting against all of pastels (which is basically everything in my summer wardrobe). The big plus was that it was pretty much the only silver piece of jewelry they had that night. I'm not a fan of that really cheap and fake looking plasticky bright gold that you normally find at Forever 21. I don't even really care for real gold very much. 

This is my last one. It's a loosely woven scarf from Forever 21 that was only $5.50. The base color is a really plain off white but is has such beautiful bright colors woven throughout. It's perfect to use as a head wrap for those days by the pool reading magazines and sipping on delicious drinks. This will also being coming with me, no doubt about it, in June. 

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