Thursday, May 19, 2011

Add me on Instagram: cherhorowitz

So I know I'm a little bit tardy to the party but I kept seeing people talking about this Instagram app on my tumblr dash and I knew I'd had it downloaded for a while but I'd never really used it before. I had originally downloaded it because it looked like a free alternative to the Hipstamatic app but it's really so much more. It's a social network that I can be described as twitter-esque where you can post pictures and give them vintage effects and share them with anyone you follow as well as liking other pictures and leaving comments. You can also upload straight to flickr from there. I started really using it yesterday and after I posted the first two or three pictures I was hooked! My username on there is cherhorowitz if you'd like to follow me. 

My instagram shots up there also my day in pictures for yesterday. I woke up at an obscenely early hour to go to the gym and then the beach but my plans were foiled by my friend sleeping in so I spent the first couple of hours of the day just playing with my new app. Then, once she finally woke up, we went to Starbucks with her mom for some breakfast which, for me, consisted of an iced tall soy caramel macchiato with extra caramel and a birthday cake-pop. Afterwards we dropped her mom off at home and headed out on a nail polish mission. Mandy found this place where you can buy Essie polishes for $3 and O.P.I for $4 so we went over there and I bought five Essie colors for about the same amount I'd have spent at Ulta on two. It was really exciting. I bought Topless & Barefoot, Fiji, Van D'Go, Angle Food, and Borrowed & Blue. Since last night I've used probably all of them and taken them all off. The colors are gorgeous but Essie polish and I have our differences. That's a topic for a whole other blog post, though. After our polish party we went to Victoria Secrets to check out bathing suits and I found this amazing Bombshell one-piece that has the sweetest little side ruffles and boning that totally makes me look knockout awesome. Unfortunately they didn't have my size though. I went a size down because I figured if I can close the size I was looking for all the way at the last tab and it's still a little loose maybe I could just use the first tab on this and it would fit okay. The answer was no, though, so I'll be spending the rest of today on an exchange mission. Then we had lunch at Chipotle, which is not pictured, and I had to go to work. I'm such a good employee, I cut my day in half to go in for three hours just to help my favorite manager close. Where is my gold star, Express? After that I talked my dad into buying me Pinkberry for Dinner and I came home and did my nails. Exciting, right?

So now it's a whole new day and I'm still sitting in bed painting my nails because, like I said, Essie and I don't see eye to eye. I ended up going with Steady As She Rose from O.P.I's Pirates of the Caribbean line which is a purple/cement color. From pictures I've seen  I thought it would be more of a white/pink but this is actually a really pretty color and not as similar to all of the other colors I own as I thought it'd be. As soon as my nails dry I'm heading out to Starbucks and then for some shopping and hopefully bathing suit exchanging. Buying a new camera is also on my to-do list today all though that highly depends on how much of it I can talk my mom into paying for. My old camera which had been in the process of dying a slow and painful death finally kicked the bucket last night with a never ending lens error message. When I got home tonight I'll hopefully have some pictures with my new camera to post which will be great because I'll probably also have some shopping to post about. 

Until next time, cuties.


  1. just found your blog and I love it! xo

  2. @devea Thanks, doll, I really appreciate that!