Monday, May 16, 2011

wonderfully random world

sunday morning, a photo by lula mae barnes on Flickr.

I love having Sundays off and getting to sleep in and relax all day. Usually I try to at least plan something productive and tell myself I'll go through with it but today I did absolutely nothing. Since doing nothing at all is obviously very uneventful and quite boring I'll go ahead and write about some of last weeks highlights. First off my camera broke yet again but fortunately it fixed itself a couple of hours later. That picture up there is the first one I took once the lens stated coming out again. Please enjoy my random mess above my desk. I was so excited the it started working again that I spent half a day taking pictures of pretty much anything I stumbled upon so please enjoy all of my random celebratory shots. 

catverus snape, a photo by lula mae barnes on Flickr.

I like to call this little fellow Snape. He's not really my cat but he stumbled onto my porch almost a year back and I fell in love with him. He comes back from time to time and I leave food out for him and play with him and stuff. I named him Snape once I realized that he was going to be around for a while. Apparently he belongs to the women across the street from me which is worse than him being homeless because this poor things is seriously underfed and far too tiny. Someday I'll talk my parents into just letting me keep him for real. I seriously doubt Cat Lady would even notice one of her many are missing and my cat would get over the jealousy and they'd become friends in time.

I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up the second book in the Hunger Games series and found this awesome bargain book on sea shells. I'm almost as passionate about sea shells as I am about The Hunger Games. Let me just take a moment to say that I've finished the entire series and it was so incredible and I got so attached to the characters (mainly Peeta) that I actually feel alone and empty now that I don't have a next book to read. This same thing happened with Harry Potter. Call me dramatic if you must but I honestly get far more invested in some of the books I read than my actual life and then once I finish them I don't know what to do next. I just sit around wishing there was more. A part of my wishes The Hunger Games had been as bad as Twilight so I could've finished the series and been relieved because it was finally over instead of crying for two hours. 

sugar sugar, a photo by lula mae barnes on Flickr.

On my way home I stopped at Whole Foods to buy a couple of pistachio french macaroons and had to wait at the bakery for at least an eternity. I'm not really sure what took so long seeing as there were a couple of employees standing behind the counter but apparently gossiping away was of more importance than actually helping a customer so I took a picture of the pretty cakes while I waited. I get so annoyed when people don't offer good customer service. I don't exactly love my job and I certain don't have anything remotely resembling good feelings towards the majority of our costumers but I signed up to work there all on my own and as long as I'm there I'll do my job the way I should. 

storybook jewelry, a photo by lula mae barnes on Flickr.

I found these little charms at Nordstrom and I fell completely in love with them. They're the most precious little things that I've ever seen. They're like little pieces of a fairytale and I seriously just wanted to buy them all. I ended up buying a total of zero, though. They were a little on the pricey side and I don't even know what I'd have done with one of them let a lone a whole mess of them. I was feeling partial toward the one that says Magic and has a little unicorn on it though. 

do you believe in magic, a photo by lula mae barnes on Flickr.

My dad saw this trick on Effin' Science on their bar bets you can't lose segment where you magically pull a dollar bill out of two glasses filled with water. He recreated it over the sink because I was certain there was no way he wouldn't spill at least half of the water between the glasses. He actually pulled it off and I was fascinated and then I tried it and spilled tons of water. I couldn't hold the glasses together without them slipping all over the place. Needless to say I won't be making any bets involving glasses and water and dollars anytime soon. 

There's no picture for this but I'm watching what I believe may by Rose's last episode on Doctor Who and I think I'm going to feel just as crushed as I did after Mockingjay when this is over. I started the series from the beginning a few weeks ago and I felt oddly betrayed when Christopher Eccleston got replaced. David Tennant has grown on me since but I don't know how I'm going to cope with The Doctor getting a new companion. I really loved Rose with him and I swear if they really stick her in the alternate universe forever I think I'm going to have a breakdown. This episode is going to make me cry. I can already feel it. 

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