Sunday, May 1, 2011

relax, take it easy

relax, take it easy by lula mae barnes
relax, take it easy, a photo by lula mae barnes on Flickr.

I've been meaning to post this forever now and I'm finally getting around to it only because I bought a few new LUSH products today and I don't want the things I plan on reviewing to pile up. Anyway, there are three bath bombs in this picture (from left to right: Twilight, Golden Slumbers, and Sex Bomb) but I'm only going to talk about two of them right now because I've yet to use the last one. I'm going to start with the one didn't really care for which was Golden Slumbers. This bomb is describes as a soothing and relaxing with a lavender fragrance that, as the name implies, helps you get to sleep. I popped this in the bath, after a particularly long day, expecting a long and relaxing bath but what I got was just disappointment. Let me start off by saying that taking the large size of this bomb into consideration it fizzed out in no time at all. Most of LUSH's larger bombs float around in my bath for fifteen minutes at the very least but this one was gone almost immediately. The scent also wasn't as strong and lingering as some of their other products. Much like the scent the color and texture that came from this bomb were less than amazing. I expected it to at least tint the water a bit or add a bit of fluff but it failed to do so. Although those three factors were definitely let downs they weren't the deal breaker for me. This bomb has little bits of lavender sprig in it that absolutely drove me insane. There's nothing peaceful and relaxing about tons of tiny little pieces of nature floating around in my tub. Picking them out of the tub after my bath was a nightmare and even though I washed my hair after soaking for a while I still found lavender bits on my pillow the next morning. In it's defense I did get to bed rather quickly that night so it does do what the name implies. This is, by far, my least favorite LUSH product to date and, although the lighter scent might be nice for those more sensitive to fragrances, I wouldn't recommend it unless you actually enjoy a bit of a clean up after your bath. 

Now onto the good since no one likes to leave on a bad note. The Twilight bath bomb was actually one of the best LUSH products I've tried to date. This picture definitely doesn't do it justice but it's got a bit of star pattern going around it and is really just as lovely to look at as it is to use. I love when they do something more creative than just a ball you drop in the bath. A lot like Golden Slumbers, Twilight is also supposed to be a very relaxing bomb with a lavender scent. This little gem takes quite a long time to fizz out and starts out tinting the water pink with little bursts of orange and slowly fades to purple before finishing off with a dark shade of blue. There's also some glitter that fizzes out as the colors change that felt reminiscent of stars in the night sky. Normally I find bath bombs with glitter to be extremely annoying because of the clean up involved after their use but Twilight had just the right amount and didn't leave me or my tub looking like a sunbathed creature from a Stephanie Meyer's book. The scent this one gives off is just as impressive as the color. The lavender and vanilla fragrance envelopes you while soak and just makes all of your worries fade away. When I went into the bathroom the next morning I found that the scent was still faintly lingering around which I found nice. My skin felt smooth and my mind at ease after about an hour of floating in Twilight filled water. This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone looking for a little relaxation or just a beautiful bath since the colors really do looks like a sun setting. 

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