Friday, May 27, 2011

I love having three days off.

So I've been sitting around telling myself I'm going to update this thing for days now. I honestly don't know why I've waited until now because I've had all the time in the world the last few days. I seriously love having Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off! It's like a mini vacation every single week and some weeks it probably will be a vacay because it's enough time to go out of town for a couple of days. This week it just consisted of a lot of hanging around, though. Tuesday I stayed home most of the day adding a kazillion books to Stanza on my iphone. I couldn't really settle on one that I wanted to read so I just started reading like five different ones simultaneously. Divergent, by Veronica Roth, which I started talking about in my last update is really good. I'm a little less than half way through it and I'm so hooked. Saying it's as good as The Hunger Games series would be criminal but it's definitely got some kick to it and fills the book void if you're looking for something else in that general young adult dystopian genre. I also started reading The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and it has totally sucked me in. I'm actually not quite sure what the main plot of the story is yet but it's about a very busy and extremely hard working lawyer who is up for partner at her firm and I already love her as a main character even though I'm only five or six chapters into it. I'll keep you updated. Aside from reading a lot I also went to Target and had a terrible experience trying to pay because no one on the planet is capable of doing their job correctly and I made the grand error of trying to buy a bathing suit that was missing the price tag. Apparently a missing price tag at Target equals armageddon. Once that ordeal was settled I went with my mother to visit my granddad at the hospital. A a cut on his leg turned into a huge infection over night so he's been admitted and will probably be staying there for quite a while. The infection turned out to be mrsa and he lives in an assisted living home so the owners can't take any chances with having him come back and spreading it to the other residents. Please keep him in your thoughts. He just recently had major surgery to have cancer removed and is overall not the healthiest of men so I'm really worried now with this new problem. Wednesday I'll get to in one minute and today I did nothing at all until around 7:00 when I went with a friend to the arena to watch the Heat game at the rally. Best. Game. Ever. We really turned it around in the last few minutes and it was so exciting and I screamed my head off cheering and it was just totally great. After that we went back to her house for a movie and some nail painting. I used one of her colors and when I got home and put top coat on it put a giant streak right in one of my thumbs. I's so annoyed. Now onto Wednesday...

Wednesday was my one kind of busy day. I got up at five in the morning to go to the gym and then almost died while I was in spinning class. I guess my blood sugar dropped or something because I had to stop half way through the class because I started seeing spots and getting really dizzy. I stopped for some Starbucks on my way home and in a few hours I started feeling normal again. I spent the rest of the day with my mom. We went to lunch at Panera and after we ate we went to a jewelry store that was in the same strip mall because I wanted to look at Pandora bracelets. I wasn't going to buy one, just check out prices and different charms and stuff, but she surprised me and bought me the starter bracelet. Best mom in the world? I think yes. Then I circled all of the charms I want in the Pandora book they gave me because she apparently plans on having my whole family buy me beads for it whenever they ask her what I went for my birthday or Christmas or whatever. After that we went to the sweet super discount nail shop and bought a whole mess of colors. Everything we got (except some cutical oil and remover) is in the first picture in that second row up there. From left to right the colors are: Turquoise & Caicos, Lion Around, Jazz, Your Hut or Mine, Kiss the Bride, and French Carmal. The first four are Essie, the next one is Orly, and the last one is Color Madmic. Later that night I painted my nails Turquoise & Caicos and fell in love with the color. I've never been huge on straying away from basic pinks and nudes but lately I've been all over more adventurous colors. After our polish shopping we stopped at Jamba Juice for a little pick me up before going back to the hospital where we spent the majority of our early evening. My grandfather fell asleep not long after we got there so I picked up a few magazines from the gift shop and brought up a get well soon balloon to tie to his bed for when he woke up. When we got home we ordered Chinese take out for dinner and watched Indiana Jones while we ate. 

Tomorrow I'm back to work (yuck) but at least I get out in time to make it to my favorite yoga class of the week. Starting tomorrow I'm going to start hitting the gym hard like I used to. Between work and all the Heat games I've really been slacking. No more of that if I want to get in shape for my vacation in just over two weeks! 

And now a little question to leave you guys with: I need to make a new relaxing playlist for sauna time and bubble bath time so what are some of your favorite songs to chill out to? My personal favorites are Moon River (Any rendition but I'm partial to Audrey Hepburn's) and Playground Love by Air but I'm looking for all kinds of suggestions. Plus, I think one of the best ways to get to know someone is by finding out a little something about their musical tastes. 

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