Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well I should be sleeping but...

instagram O5.21.11, a photo by lula mae barmes on Flickr

So I used a new LUSH Bath Bomb tonight which was their Sex Bomb. It smelled really nice and turned the water all pink and fluffy and was just perfect for relaxing. The only real downfall was that it left the horrible purple ring around my tub that I was just far too lazy to clean off tonight. There was no glitter or confetti or pieces of flowers or anything in this particular bomb with I liked. It's not that I don't like some of LUSH's other products' little surprises but sometimes when you just want to soak and chill out and maybe read a little random stuff fluffing out of your bomb can be a little distracting. 

Since I started with the bath bomb picture I guess I go through these counter clockwise which brings us to the juice picture. My mom brought me home a bunch of Odwalla juices since I'm really pick about what I eat/drink while I'm home. I have this weird thing where I won't even look at something edible if it's been sitting about for more than like 15 minutes which means I almost never end up eating anything she cooks. A part of me feels bad about that but my weird OCD part definitely overshadows it. Odwalla things are perfect for me because they're really healthy and filling and individually packaged. This picture is of their blueberry juice which is absolutely delicious. My favorite Odwalla drink is the strawberry protein shake which is the perfect breakfast. It tastes so yummy and gives me a really good portion of the protein I should be eating in a day which is good because as a vegetarian I need to watch that. 

Next we've got my everyday lunch. Wether I'm working or shopping or off and sitting around doing nothing I usually always end up making my way to Starbucks for lunch and getting a Birthday Cakepop and some kind of drink. During half price frappuccino hour (I called it Frappy Hour, I dare you to tell me that isn't catchier) I was all about the Mocha Coconut Frap but now that they're back to being full price I've switched over to ice say caramel macchiatos with extra caramel. But I had a terrible experience yesterday where they used a giant sheet of ice in my cup instead of cubes like normal people would use and when I tried to stick my straw in all of the coffee came out and spilled all over me and stained a brand new white shirt I was wearing. After that I think I might be getting ready switch up my drink again. What are some of your favorite Starbucks drinks? I'm always looking for new things to order from them.

Finally we come to my super sweet customer service superstar ~award~. I use the term award very loosely because it's really just a flimsy little piece of paper that I don't even get to keep. I'm so complicated at work and I give the basically everyone I work with that hasn't proved themselves worthy of my good graces (aka 99.9% of the store) such a hard time that everyone was really shocked that I even got a nice customer comment. Shockingly enough I'm nice to the people that shop at our store. Well, at least the ones that don't spend their time at the register screaming obscenities at me because they forgot their coupons or lost their receipt or did something else that's in no way my fault that they're anger about. This will be a post for another day but get ready for a little something about my cashiering pet peeves and what not. 

currents, a photo by lula mae barmes on Flickr

Now I'm sitting in bed watching Rocky & Bullwinkle because it's on Netflix instant and I remember loving this cartoon a whole lot when I was young. Fractured Fairy Tales is definitely my favorite segment on this show. It's so silly and ridiculous and I can't help but laugh. I also have some Adele playing softly in the background because, really, why not? Her voice is perfect and sounds like what I imagine something really majestic and awe-inspiring like a unicorn with a diamond tiara and glittering fairy wings would sound like. I'm also reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. I just started reading it like two minutes ago, actually. It's a dystopian young adult novel that's supposed to be amazing like The Hunger Games was amazing so I'm hoping this fills the book void in my heart. This is going to be a series though and this first book just recently came out so I'm a little nervous. I can't even begin to imagine having to wait more than five seconds between my Hunger Games books. I don't know how that people that ready them as they were released even survived. I guess possibly the same way I did when Harry Potter was being released. In other words, they didn't. Anyway now seems like the right time to sign off on this because I've like to get at least the first chapter of this book done before I go to bed and it's already 7:00am and I have to be up at 12. My sleep patterns are so ridiculous. 

ps. Please excuse all of the crazy typos that I'm sure are in this. I'm too tired to go back and proof read anything. 


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