Thursday, January 12, 2012

time management 101

For as organized as I usually am, you'f think time management would a breeze for me. Wrong-oh! I've actually always been horrible with time; it sneaks away from me without me realizing it. Half the time I couldn't even tell you what day of the week it is. Right now time is slipping away from me and before I even realize it I'll need to be at work. That's pretty much what happened to me the other day. I was sitting in bed, watching Breakfast At Tiffany's, drinking some tea (check out the adorable elephant mug I got at Target), and painting my nails (O.P.I You're a Pisa Work, if you're wondering) when all of a sudden it was three in the afternoon. I had to be at work at 3:30 so I rushed out of bed to get ready and speed off. Fortunately I managed to be on time, unfortunately my nail polish didn't care about my scheduling needs and got totally ruined. Fast dry top coat really should be more instantaneous. After that I vowed to abusing my multiple day-planner apps to avoid being caught in the same situation again. I'm an excellent list maker, I just couldn't put a time frame to things if my life depended on it. The rest of that day was awesome, though! I stopped by Ulta on my way home and picked up a few more Revlon Lip Butters (pictured from left to right: Lollipop, Candy Apple, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Creme Brulee, and Tutti Frutti.) and then had some drinks over The Big Bang Theory with my mom. 

Yesterday was another rush of minutes and hours that I couldn't quite grab onto. I got a bit of a later start on the day than I had planned which was my first mistake. I'm currently in the middle of some very rushed home improvements that have been set into motion to accommodate a house guest. There has been lots of cleaning and emptying and touching up. The biggest part of this project isn't even the fact that I want to paint half of my room or that I'm kind of totally redoing a bedside table to fit my room's current decor; it's emptying a closet. I have too many closets and too much stuff and in an effort to make temporary living arrangements and comfortable as possible I'm totally emptying out one of my closets so my friend can take it over. So far I've got my purses out of it. I know, not very impressive. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to pull out the rest of everything and sort it into appropriate bins so it can get stored away in shed-land. But for now I'm out of time to worry about cleaning and redecorating because I've get to get to work soon and don't want to be left stuck in that same rush.

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