Tuesday, January 17, 2012

current obsessions

Although the weather outside is frightful (or, you know, what those of us here in Miami consider frightful) in my head it's already the middle of spring. I just want bright colors and flowers and all sorts of nice things along those lines so I've decided to give my hot candy cane tea a rest and started drinking iced Passion tea by the bucket loads instead. It's so delicious and refreshing and overall perfect to help fight off the winter blues. Thankfully the cold weather around here comes in very small bursts. It can be in the 50s one day and then nice and warm in the 70s the next. Either way, it all beats the scorching hot days we've got coming up in the summer. You've got to enjoy the cool breezes and excuses to actually wear sweaters while they last.

Something else I've been really into lately is redecorating and renovating. I feel like I've got my dad building something or repainting something everyday. We started redoing my room a few years ago and then kind of stopped in the middle but we've finally gotten ourselves back on track. In the last few days we've refinished a bedside table, painted and nailed together my book/dvd cubes, and put together a shoe rack that highly resemble a giant hamster wheel. I ordered it from HSN thinking it would be a breeze to put together. Boy, was I wrong. It took pretty much the whole family about an hour to figure this thing out. The bright side is that I think it might really be the answer to all of my shoe organization dilemmas. I'll take some more pictures once I've got it all filled and it's saving space in my closet. The other big reason for all of the room improvements is that it looks like I'll have a friend moving in for a little while by the end of this month which means I've got to really get everything in order. It also means I need to finish emptying out a closet a for her which hopefully won't be as bad as it sounds. 

Last but certainly not least is anything by Lush. I hope you all enjoy Candy peaking out from behind that bag as much as I do. When I want to take picture of her she tries to hide and when I'm taking pictures of anything else finds a way in. Anyway, Lush products, I absolutely love them! There's nothing nicer than a nice long soak in the tub with a magical smelling bath bomb after a long day or the way the amazing scent of a conditioner, that actually works wonders on your hair, lingers around until you wash your hair again. I don't think I've ever been let down by anything I've purchased at Lush. I actually ran out of my American Cream conditioner a couple of days ago so a trip to Lush for a bottle might be in order. I'm sure I'll find a few other goodies to bring home with me, too.

Last one for real this time. The current obsession honorable mentions goes to my LOLcats desk calendar. I got it at Barns and Noble a couple of days into the year just because all calendars were half off and I needed to buy something so they'd validate my parking ticket. What I actually wanted was an Audrey Hepburn calendar but I guess everyone else had beat me to it. Actually, I might have been the last person in Miami to buy a calendar this year because the shelves were pretty empty by the time I got there. This little calendar has brought an inexplicable amount of joy to my life. Every morning I wake up, tear off yesterday's page, and have a little laugh at my funny cat of the day. I'd say, not bad for something that was sitting all alone on a shelf in a kind of beat up looking box that I bought on a total whim.

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